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Apartments with sea views in Saint Jean de Monts France
Views Of The Sea
houses close to the beach in St Jean de Monts France
Close To The Beach
houses with a swimming pool in St Jean de Monts France
Properties With A Pool
Houses next to the forest in St Jean de Monts France
Next To The Forest
houses in the countryside near St Jean de Monts France
Houses In The Countryside
properties close to the city centre of St Jean de Monts France
Close To City Center

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Choosing the right property for your holiday is not always easy especially in a world of direct on-line booking and although we do use digital media to market our properties we prefer to provide a more personal service.

We have more than 70 houses and apartments available in and around St Jean de Monts and we know each of them very well.

So if you have any questions about our holiday-lets or would like us to help you find the perfect place for your vacation then please contact Gaëtane or Pascale at:
+33 (0)2 51 59 85 67
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